Widows / Widowers

It has been our experience that one spouse often assumes the role of managing the family’s finances. While this makes sense from a divide and conquer perspective, it often leaves the “non-financial” spouse in a delicate position, should he or she survive the “financial” spouse. At one of the most emotionally challenging times, the non-financial spouse is burdened with taking over the family’s finances. We have stood by the surviving spouse during these difficult times to be his or her trusted financial counsel.

These are some of the questions that we help those in this stage of life answer:

We May Mutually Benefit from Working Together if You:

Insist on full disclosure with no hidden conflicts of interest.

Value a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of your financial life in coordination with your insurance, tax, and legal professionals.

Prefer a boutique, client-centric firm with roots in the community that puts your interest first.

Would rather delegate the implementation of financial and investment matters to an experienced professional.

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