Solutions Not Products

We first learn about your needs, goals, responsibilities, and preferences.

At Clariti, we do everything with one result in mind:  you achieving your life goals.  That requires more work, more research, and more strategy.  So we don’t just start recommending products and services based on an arbitrary asset allocation model.

Instead, we first learn about your needs, goals, responsibilities, and preferences.  Then we launch an intensive financial planning process that helps us determine the strategies that will help you accomplish your goals.  Tax implications are always considered since that has the potential to help or hinder your progress.  Investments are managed with a high level of diligence and discipline since these assets are needed for you to fund your goals and dreams.

You’ll end up with a clear road map to reaching your goals.  Then, we’ll start working on the plan with you, and we’re always there to monitor progress and make adjustments to keep you moving forward.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning at Clariti Wealth

No stone left unturned

Financial planning in its simplest form is really all about asking the right questions.

  • What if I lose my job or there’s a business downturn?
  • What happens to my family if I die unexpectedly?
  • What if there’s a prolonged downturn in the stock market?
  • What if interest rates rise (or fall further)?
  • What if a pandemic impacts my life in unexpected ways?

With the right financial planning, we can protect against many of these ‘what ifs’ in life. So that when these happen, you may still feel the impact, but the event will not knock you completely off course.

Too much offense, not enough defense

Much of the financial industry today focuses on returns:  targeting and attempting to achieve a certain return each year.  But there’s surprisingly little attention paid to the all-important flip side:  wealth preservation.  Most of us have seen instances where one stock market event can knock out years of returns.  One expensive divorce or lawsuit can do the same thing.

That’s why at Clariti, our team looks at defensive strategies as well, so you can preserve what you’ve built along with achieving conservative growth.

This intensive approach helps maximize your resources and help you feel confident in the face of life’s uncertainties.

  • We start with an in-depth review of every aspect of your financial life.
  • We use leading-edge technology that helps us more precisely evaluate various risks, such as investment risk, or the risk of living far longer than you expected
  • We’ll offer recommendations to more closely align your investments with your resources and needs.
  • Tax strategies are a big part of what we do, so we can help you make the tax law work for you.
  • Estate planning helps us find ways for you to pass on your assets more tax-efficiently to your heirs.

With our unlimited support, we are there to help you make the best possible choice for any financial decision you’re faced with.  We want to be your first call.

Investment Management

Strategic investment management for an uncertain world

To reach your goals, you need more than cookie-cutter, simplistic investment strategies.  At Clariti, you get a team of experts developing strategies that help you achieve your goals while simultaneously controlling your risk.

With our personalized strategies, you’ll learn how and why you’re investing.  You’re an active participant in the process.  That understanding can help you feel more confident when the market gets volatile.

Investment Management at Clariti

Our recommendations are driven by planning, meaning they are always the result of a thorough and careful analysis of your resources and objectives and backed by our extensive education, over 38 years of experience, and our team’s proven level of professional judgment.  Even with that, we don’t take things lightly.

All of our investments are backed by time-tested research.  We don’t follow the latest trends just to “keep up”.  We stay focused on your long-range goals, so you can avoid the ups and downs that trend followers often experience.

As an example, our investment recommendations often run contrary to the latest, most popular investment trends or gimmicks. Doing so takes discipline and patience. This quote by Jean-Marie Evelliard, one of the most successful money managers of all time, perfectly sums up our team’s attitude:  “We would rather lose half of our clients, than lose half of our client’s money”, by following the herd.



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